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Exclusive Services

Nano Brows                                                             


$ 400

Nano brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that gives the brows volume and definition by adding fine hair strokes between the natural hairs. It's done with a machine that implements PMU pigments into the surface layer of the skin, so not as deep as traditional tattooing.

Ombre/ Powder Brows 


$ 350

Ombré Powder Brows are applied by using the machine method. Ombré brows give the look of a powdery makeup finish. This semi-permanent procedure can last up to 3 years depending on lifestyle and skin type.

Lip Neutralization 


$ 350

Lip neutralization  is a gradual process of changing the  tone color of the lip. We most commonly change brown or blue lips tones to a natural pink tone.

Previous Work Brows 


 $ 350 +

Any style brows done by another PMU artist 

Annual Perfecting Session


$ 350 +

Yearly touch up to maintain color .

LI-FT Saline Lightening/ Removal


$ 250 +

Lighten/ remove bad or unwanted permanent makeup, microblading, and small body tattoos

Combo Brows


$ 400

Combo brows is a service that assists with sparse brows. If you want that defined shape but do not have very much hair , a combo brow is a great service for you! It combines  Nano strokes  to give you the hair- stroke look and shading to give you depth.

Lip Blush

07604171-7088-4F3F-9722-585563E224C4 (1).JPG

 $ 350

Lip Blush is a way to enhance your natural lips while avoiding fillers or surgery, or it can work hand-in-hand with these procedures. Lip blush enhances the fullness and color while maintaining a natural look.

Medical Camouflage


$ 100 +

Camouflage tattooing is used to literally "camouflage" skin concerns such as hypo pigmentation,, stretch marks, postsurgical scars, and more. We match the skin tone by tattooing the  pigments  into the dermis to blend into the surrounding skin and camouflage the desired area.  

Fine Line Tattoo 


$ 80 +

Fine line tattooing uses small needles (often a single needle) to create a thin, delicate, intricate tattoo design evoking fine artwork and paintings on the skin using black and grey and color tattoo ink.

Eight Week  Perfecting Touch Up

Beauty Portrait

 $ 100 +

Session  eight weeks after your initial service. It is imperative to stay on top of your touch-ups for the best results.



$ 300 +

Lighten/ remove bad or unwanted permanent makeup, microblading, and small body tattoos within the first 48 hours of having it done. 

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