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Introducing our stunning Round Box Flower Arrangement Gift . This beautiful and unique bouquet comes in an elegant round box, making it a gorgeous gift. This set  includes a tea light candle warmer, a faith based devotional card, paired with  flower-shaped candle melt . The flowers are made with beeswax, essential oil, and coconut oil, makes for a truly thoughtful gift for any occasion. 


Lavender Rose: Drift away on a cloud of tranquility with the calming scent of lavender intertwined with delicate rose.

  • Lavender promotes relaxation and eases stress, while rose uplifts the spirit and fosters emotional balance.
  • Intentiional Verse: 


Eucalyptus Mint: Refresh your senses and invigorate your mind with the crisp fusion of eucalyptus and mint.

  • Eucalyptus clears the airways and promotes mental clarity, while mint revitalizes and energizes, leaving you feeling refreshed and focused.
  • Intentiional Verse: 


Lavender Vanilla: Immerse yourself in a cocoon of comfort with the soothing blend of lavender and vanilla.

  • Lavender calms the mind and promotes restful sleep, while vanilla envelops you in warmth and comfort, creating a sense of peace and serenity.
  • Intentiional Verse: 


Rosemary Lemon: Awaken your senses and uplift your mood with the zesty pairing of rosemary and lemon.

  • Rosemary enhances mental clarity and concentration, while lemon invigorates the senses and promotes positivity, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Intentiional Verse: 


Each candle is carefully hand-poured and adorned with a cotton wick, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. The purifying properties of beeswax cleanse the air, while the essential oils infuse your space with healing energy.


As an added touch, each candle comes with a devotional card, inviting you to start your day with a prayer, meditation, or moment of serenity. Embrace the healing power of nature and elevate your space with our divine aromatherapy candles.

Gift Set- Round Box Flower Arrangement

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